Center Development Corporation


Smart growth. Optimal use of resources. Responsible development. For nearly forty years, these themes have guided Center Development Corporation in successfully developing and managing more than 3,000 apartments and a variety of commercial projects in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The company's mission is to create and manage vibrant, safe and sustainable communities, while preserving the character of neighborhoods and meeting the needs of residents. In doing so, Center Development has shown that a socially responsible and environmentally sensitive organization can operate successfully in urban settings.

The company's objective is to build on its success in renewing buildings and neighborhoods in the Northeast, employing the tools of rehabilitation, selective new development and attentive property management.


The Center Development logo is an age-old sailor's symbol for "Center of Effort". It represents the concept that the greatest degree of achievement is only possible when resources are aligned. Center Development believes this principle also applies to reinventing urban communities. Whether building low-income or market-rate housing, developing a new site, or rehabilitating an existing structure, the company moves projects forward by understanding available resources, planning thoughtfully and using assets efficiently and effectively.