Center Development Corporation

Founder's Message

William N. Hubbard III

Center Development Corporation is founded on the premise that the development of multi-family housing can serve three important purposes.

Socially, it creates homes for communities. Environmentally, it preserves, adaptively reuses, or constructs contextually appropriate buildings, enhancing the fabric of existing neighborhoods. Economically, it generates employment in development, construction, and property maintenance and management.

These three goals, with their respective social, environmental and economic benefits, are the underpinnings of our organization.

The keys for implementing these objectives are exceptional architectural design, financial feasibility, and skilled property management.

Over the years, we have carefully selected and maintained productive working relationships with a number of architectural and engineering firms. To ensure the economic viability of each project, we have also stayed abreast of trends and opportunities in the capital markets, as well as the applicability of federal, state and city programs and incentives. Lastly, we provide careful and competent property management services for all of our projects.

These goals and objectives continue to be relevant as we proceed into the twenty-first century.